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Set Aside 

Alumni Kelsey Benson and I were asked by the SDSU School of Design to create a graphic design show in the Ritz Gallery. Instead of show casing polished final pieces, we created a show around process, rejection and explorations.


The process of making creative work, there are always moments of reflection, revision, and rejection. How do you look at your creative process, especially when it's shaped by external elements? What do you do with works that are on hold or have been set aside? For artists Hanna Peterson and Kelsey Benson, the pieces and process within the whole take precedence over the final work. These define moments of learning, creativity, and exploration for the two SDSU Design alumni. In 'Set Aside', Hanna and Kelsey explore process and revisit works that have been on hold through a collaborative installation. For them, the core takeaway from their practice is the ever-changing creative endeavor for each project and how it influences their growth as designers.

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